Who is Alexis Saborit? Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Minneapolis

Alexis Saborit Bio/Wiki

A man named Alexis Saborit has been detained for reportedly beheading a Minnesota lady named America Thayer and dumping her bloody body on the street, according to authorities.

America Thayer was taken from her car and attacked before her body was left on the street in Shakopee, Minneapolis, according to disturbing footage circulating online.

Alexis Saborit was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder on Thursday, police said after authorities discovered a big knife in an alley near the crime scene.


America Thayer is 55 years old. Alexis Saborit was 42 years old.

What Happened?

According to The Sun, Saborit was convicted of gross misdemeanor assault against Thayer in 2017.

According to The Sun, a pre-trial no-contact order had been imposed, but Thayer requested that it be lifted in a handwritten note. She wrote, “I live with Alexis Saborit for 4 year, we never have a problem,”

“He don’t have anyone an [sic] this country and don’t speak English,” she added. “I need to be in contact with him to help us!”

She said, “We will go to any treatment recommended,”

“I need the no contact order removed please.”

Her petition was allowed by the court. The previous arrest took place after Thayer called 911 from her house, where cops discovered Saborit holding her down.

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Saborit assumed she was talking to another man when they got into an argument at a pub, according to Thayer.

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