How Did Alex Harvill Die? Death Cause, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, World Record Jump

Who was Alex Harvill? Bio/Wiki

Alex Harvill, a daredevil motorbike rider, died in a crash while rehearsing for a record jump on Thursday.

According to the Grant County Coroner’s Office, Harvill was practicing at the Grant County International Airport near Moses Lake, Washington, when the accident occurred.


He was 28 years old.

Who is Alex Harvill’s Wife?

Jessica Harvill is the wife of Alex Harvill. In the year 2019, Harvill married Jessica.


They have 2 sons named Watson and Willis.

World Record Jump

The record attempt was scheduled for Thursday morning at the Moses Lake Airshow, but he was killed in a warmup jump before the attempt. It was the first of the three-day show’s scheduled events.

Harvill was hoping to break Robbie Maddison’s distance record for the longest motorbike leap, which he set in March 2008 at 351 feet. He already held the record for the longest distance jump from dirt to dirt, which he set in 2013 at slightly over 297 feet.

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In addition to distance jumps and stunt work, he has raced in motocross and supercross racing.

The sheriff’s office issued a statement saying, “Our deepest sympathies go out to Alex’s family, friends, and loved ones.”

How Did Alex Harvill Die? (Death Cause)

Alex Harvill, a US daredevil, was killed in a warm-up jump during a world record attempt to jump a motorcycle 107 meters.

Harvill’s world record attempt was advertised as part of the Moses Lake Air Show in Washington State, where he would attempt to break the current world record of 106.98 meters for the longest motorcycle ramp jump. However, he crashed during a practice jump just before the main event.

The crash was captured on video, and it shows him successfully taking off from the ramp before landing just short of the dirt ramp on the far side of the jump. Instead, he collides with the dirt ramp’s lip.

The Moses Lake Airshow announced on its Facebook page that he was hurt during the warm-up jump and was rushed to the hospital. He died a short time later, according to the Grant County Coroner.

The incident has left Robbie Maddison, the Australian world record holder whose jump Harvill was attempting to beat, “shattered.”

He said, “He had flown a motorcycle further than anyone else has and was out to set a new world record when he paid the ultimate price,”

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