Who is Alejandro Rocha? Bio, Wiki, Age, Substitute Teacher, Threatening To Shoot

Alejandro Rocha Bio/Wiki

According to police officials, a Queens substitute teacher named Alejandro Rocha was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly threatening to shoot a class of middle school students if they didn’t listen to him.

Alejandro Rocha was teaching a group of nine youngsters, ages 11 and 12, at Elmhurst’s IS 5-The Walter Crowley Intermediate School when he made the alarming statement, according to reports.


He was 52 years old.

Substitute Teacher Threatening To Shoot Full Details

It is reported that Rocha snarled and said, “If you don’t do what you’re told, I’m going to shoot you — and yes, I have a gun,”

Later, Rocha fettered and excused him for claiming, according to the sources, that everything was a bad joke.

More than four hours later, he was arrested and accused of posing a terrorist threat. A Department of Education Spokesman said in a statement, “This is absolutely unacceptable,”

“The substitute teacher was immediately suspended and if this deeply disturbing allegation is found to be true, he will be fired.”

The department has no previous disciplinary history, Rocha began in September 2001 as an alternative teacher. He was suspended without pay and currently cannot work in municipal schools.

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