Aj Allmendinger Wife: Tara Meador Bio, Wiki, Age, Children

Who is Tara Meador?

Tara Meador is the wife of Aj Allmendinger.

Credit: IG/mrs.allmendinger

Tara Allmendinger, Allmendinger’s wife, is a social media star who was just crowned Mrs. North Carolina 2021. She has previously competed in the Mrs. America Pageant.

Looking at Tara’s social media, it’s clear that she’s serious about her pageant career.

She’s also a member of Victoria’s Voice Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to saving and celebrating life.


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Tara has also spoken out on her website about her years of hardship and how she overcomes them.


Tara Meador is 38 years old.


They have not had any children so far.

Aj Allmendinger And Tara Meador

Allmendinger’s second wife is Tara. Lynne Kushnirenko was Aj Allmendinger’s previous wife. They met in 2005 and married soon after.

Their marriage, however, ended seven years later when the pair filed for divorce in 2012.

Following that, Allmendinger met Tara, with whom he began dating in 2015. In 2019, the couple married after a few years of dating.


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They do not have any children at the time of writing, but they are proud parents to their beloved cat, Mr. Tickles. Tara has always been Allmendinger’s biggest supporter, but she was unable to attend the race owing to prior commitments. According to her Instagram, she is presently serving as Mrs. North Carolina in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Despite this, Tara stated that she had communicated with Allmendinger after his victory. This was revealed by the pageant queen in an Instagram story message to her followers.

Even though they are thousands of miles apart, their strong understanding brings them closer together.

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