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Aimee Jones Bio/Wiki

A teacher named Aimee Jones was sentenced to prison after admitting to sexually abusing a student in the back of her car after a 15-month “affair.”

Aimee Jones approached her victim at school and told her she was bisexual and that she was “having feelings of affection towards her,” according to the evidence presented at Teesside Crown Court.


She is 35 years old.

Teacher Aimee Jones Abused Schoolgirl Full Details

Jones and her victim then began messaging – conversations that were described as “chatty, polite, and pleasant,” but made it plain that Jones was interested in her victim.

Jones acknowledged four charges of abusing a position of trust by engaging in sexual conduct with a girl aged 13 to 17 who was being cared for in school premises on at least eight occasions when he appeared at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates’ Court last month.

The couple met at a park in Sedgefield months after the initial contact and would hold hands, according to Teesside Crown Court.

The prosecutor, Jon Harley, stated, “The couple went on to walk in the more remote parts of the park or sit in the rear of Ms. Jones’s car. They kissed, they embraced and on one occasion they both removed their upper clothing and were naked from the waist up.”

“This was always accompanied by, what is described as, intense pre and post texting with Ms. Jones acknowledging that what she was doing was wrong and taking risks.”

“The pattern continued… and during this time Ms Jones continued to teach her victim and the abuse – the affair as it were – came to light when Ms. Jones’s husband began to suspect his wife was having an extra-marital affair.”

Aimee Jones Has A Young Son

Jones, who has a son, admitted to having an affair at first but said it was with a female teaching assistant at the Darlington school, according to the court.

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She subsequently attempted to persuade the school to create a bogus teaching assistant in order to deter her husband, albeit it was understood that this was not done to obstruct the police inquiry.

Jones and her husband initially stayed together, but when the entire depth of the affair became known, he did report it to Teesside Crown Court.

Jones, from Richmond, North Yorkshire, also texted her victim and informed her that she needed to tell the police everything before being detained when she arrived at school.

According to a victim impact statement filed by the schoolgirl’s family earlier this year, “I only care for [the victim] mainly for the heartbreak she is suffering – I’ve likened the revelation of this relationship and it’s abrupt end to a bereavement.

“She is in no doubt in her mind that they were in love and would have preferred it to have continued. However, after numerous discussions, she is aware it is something that should not have happened in the first place.”

The court heard that the mother-of-one, who is described as a “meek, mild, and timid lady” who is “intelligent, highly educated, and hardworking,” would never teach again, but that a sexual harm prevention order would not be issued.

Robert Mochrie, who is pleading with the Fifth Amendment, said, “The evidence before the court is not that Ms Jones sat the victim down and immediately embarked on a campaign of trying to meet her own sexual needs in the form of instant contact.”

“That’s really echoed by the text messages. My submission is that, wrongly of course, the defendant appears to have developed sincere but albeit inappropriate feelings for the victim and was preoccupied in fact by seeking her company.”


Jones was sentenced to eight months in jail for the four counts.

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Judge Smith said, “Every parent who sends their child to school expects them to be kept safe by those in to whose care they entrust their child.”

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