[UPDATE] Who is Adam Toledo? Bio, Wiki, Age, Police Fatally Shoot Him Full Details, Family, Full Body Cam Video

Full Body Cam Video

Log # 2021-1112 BWC 1 from COPA Chicago on Vimeo.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability in Chicago has posted gruesome and upsetting police bodycam footage of 13-year-old Adam Toledo’s shooting death.

According to police reports, Eric Stillman was the Chicago cop who shot and killed Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old boy.

You can watch the main video below and get a connection to all of the documents and videos that have been posted. According to WGN-TV, a prosecutor who said Toledo had a gun in his hand now claims he was “not completely aware.”

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, held a press conference ahead of the video’s release, pleading for calm.

When Toledo was shot, the videos seem to show him dropping his gun and raising his hands. Police previously stated that they discovered a 9MM Ruger along a fence near the shooting and released a picture of the weapon. According to the records, the officer’s name is Eric Stillman.

Although the videos are from a distance and the events occur rapidly, others claim Toledo had just dropped the weapon when he was shot. Jason Meisner of the Chicago Tribune reported on a second video in the batch of releases, “Surveillance video released today appears to show Adam Toledo toss a gun (later recovered) beside a fence and turn toward the officer as he gets shot. It all happens in a second.”

Fox40 reported, “A 13-year-old boy appears to have dropped a gun and raised his hands just before a Chicago Police officer fatally shot him,”

The shooting took place in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood in March of 2021.

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The videos were identical to those reviewed by Toledo’s relatives, according to COPA.

Another video, according to Block Club Chicago, shows Toledo with Ruben Roman, 21, who is accused of firing shots “at an out-of-view target.” Soon after, the officer begins pursuing Toledo.

Adam Toledo Bio/Wiki

The family of a young boy named Adam Toledo killed by Chicago cops in an “armed confrontation” earlier this week has retained an attorney and plans to seek justice for his murder.

After a Shot Spotter warning in the 2300 block of South Sawyer early Monday, police shot and killed Adam Toledo.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office named the teen Toledo of Little Village on Thursday. According to police, the 13-year-old was armed and attempted to flee with another suspect.


He was 13 years old.

Police Fatally Shoot Him Full Details

Toledo’s life came to an end in an alley after an “armed confrontation,” according to Chicago police. According to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, the officer fired one shot.

A picture of a pistol allegedly found at the scene was shared by police. A second suspect, Ruben Roman, 21, has been charged with a misdemeanor for assaulting an officer in the incident.


The boy’s family said his death was triggered by “unreasonable actions of a Chicago Police Officer” in a statement issued overnight Thursday.

Toledo was killed on Monday, but his family was not informed for two days, according to the release. The statement said, “Adam was a seventh-grade student at Garvey School, enjoyed sports, and was a good kid. He did not deserve to die the way he did,”

“The Toledo Family will seek justice for this reprehensible crime.”

Toledo’s mother said that he aspired to be a police officer one day.

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According to police, the officer involved in the shooting has been assigned to desk duty for the next 30 days as the Civilian Office of Police Accountability investigates the incident.

Full statement from toledo family

Adam Toledo was killed early Monday morning, due to the unreasonable conduct of a Chicago Police Officer. We are confident that the Chicago Police Department and the Civilian Office of Police Accountability will conduct a thorough investigation, that there will be transparency, and that Toledo Family wilt find out the truth of what happened to Adam. Adam was killed on March 29th, 2021, but the Toledo Family was only notified of his death two days later. Adam was a seventh grade student at Garvey School, enjoyed sports and was a good kid. He did not deserve to die the way he did. The Toledo Family will seek justice for this reprehensible crime and requests privacy during this time of mourning. The Toledo Family is represented by Weiss Ortiz PC.

What Was The Boy Doing There Late At Night?

Roman’s presence with Toledo in the middle of the night, according to Alderman George Cardenas of the 12th Ward, remains a mystery.

Cardenas said, “We need to get ahold of ourselves and right the rudder in a big way, and that’s the outreach to youth organizations to see what’s going on on the ground, and it’s gonna take some resources, but we have to do it,”

Ramiro Rodriguez is the pastor of Amor de Dios United Methodist Church, which is located directly across the street from the shooting site. He expressed concern for the area’s youth.

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In an updated statement released late Thursday, a COPA spokesperson said: “COPA is currently making every effort and researching all legal avenues that will allow for the public release of all video materials which capture the tragic fatal shooting of 13 year old Adam Toledo.”

He said, “This year we’re gonna have 15 years serving our community, making sure our people, our young kids, have food on their tables. And look what happened: We are losing a child every year,”

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