Who was Aaleya Carter? Bio, Wiki, Age, Dies In Missouri Floodwater

Aaleya Carter Bio/Wiki

Aaleya Carter, who was on her way home from the movies to celebrate her birthday, perished when her family’s vehicle was swept away by floods.

Aaleya Carter was discovered dead on Saturday afternoon, hours after getting pulled into the drainage system while attempting to flee the deluge on Interstate 70 near the St. Louis Airport around 1:30 a.m.


She was 12 years old.

Dies In Missouri Floodwater Full Details

The remaining members of the group According to authorities and the girl’s family, Carter’s mother, brother, and sister survived the terrifying episode, which occurred while they were attempting to reverse direction to avoid the enormous floods.

Tanya Carter, her grandmother, told KSDK, “Instead of them being able to get out on the driver’s side, they had to get out on the passenger’s side. I guess they didn’t know they were on top of the drainage ditch, and when she got out, she slid right inside the drainage,”

Carter said to Fox 2, “She was out this morning with her mom and brother, and sister enjoying her birthday,”

During the storm, drivers reported flooding as high as two feet. a spokeswoman for the Missouri State Police said, “This vehicle attempted to go in the water and attempted a u-turn and go back up Airflight road to avoid the flooded roadway,”

“As they turned in the water, the current swept the vehicle off the roadway and into that concrete drain opening.”

On Saturday, residents gathered at the area while first responders searched the sewer pipes for the girl. Her family began a big search that led them to one of the local airport terminals at one point.

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The body of the adolescent was eventually discovered in a creek on the airport’s north side.

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