Cumberland Mall Shooting In Atlanta | Exclusive Video

Cumberland Mall Shooting In Atlanta

Cobb County Police confirmed a 14 December shooting at Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. Several Twitter users mentioned police on the scene and shopping center shutting down their stores.

Cumberland Mall Shooting In Atlanta | Exclusive Video

About 2 p.m. Local time Cobb County Police tweeted it wasn't an active shooter, but it seemed to be an isolated incident. They wrote,

"*No Active Shooter at Cumberland Mall* We are continuing to gather information but this is not an active shooter event. It appears this was an isolated incident. Once we get more information we will update."

A half hour later, Cobb County Police tweeted

“Yes, shots were fired. But not randomly. Hence, no ACTIVE SHOOTER. Updated information indicates involved parties know one another, therefore incident was isolated to them. Still gathering more info.”

It sounds like multiple rounds of bullets were fired off in a video shared online as shoppers were scrambling for cover. The shooting seemed to have taken place near the food court.

The Cumberland shopping mall in Metropolitan Atlanta's Cumberland neighborhood between the Smyrna and Vinings suburbs. It's at Cumberland Centre 2860. It is confirmed that Cobb County Police is in the mall. Roads were closed in the surrounding area. Cobb County Government alerted local people for the next several hours to stay away from the Cumberland Mall area.

It is unclear how many people have been injured or if any deaths have been confirmed

Last year, there was a shoot at Cumberland Mall

A drug deal at the Cumberland Mall that turned into a robber left a 29-year-old man shot police said in 2018. Officers from Vineland were sent on January 9 at 6:07 p.m. Local time at the Boscov department store parking lot for a shooting victim report, who said he was a robbery victim and was shot in the leg.

In a statement, police said the victim and the accused made an agreement for a drug deal to be performed at the store.

When waiting for an official police report as to whether or not someone was wounded during the isolated shooting incident, online users reported a stampede of confusion happening, most claiming they were hiding in shops.

Cumberland Mall Shooting In Atlanta | Exclusive Video

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